Aluminium Helideck & Safety Net

CSI together with our associate partner in Korea offer a complete package of Helideck system covering detailed design, manufacture, management and installation with a great experience in onshore and offshore field as producing many kind of innovative structure and system.

Helideck, Safety Net & Accessories, Refuelling System


  • Aluminum & Steel type
  • Design In accordance with "CAP437"

Optional for Fire Fighting System, Refueling System and Heating System Regulation:

  • U.K Civil Aviation Authority, CAP437-5TH Edition
  • BS8118, "The structural use of aluminum"
  • The relevant Owner’s Standard
  • The relevant Classification Standard.

Special feature:

  • Material for all structural aluminum of marine grade designation AA6005A/6082/6061/5083
  • Structural welding on octagonal corner only
  • Non-slip decking with friction co-efficient exceeding 0.65
  • Drain gutter material: stainless steel 316
  • All structural fastener A4-70(stainless steel 316)
  • Easy clamping system for all fastenings including plank and out fittings
  • DIFF system for firefighting system
  • Two tier Helideck consisting of top deck & girder beam.