Air Compressors Package

CSI is the global leader for the air compressing business. Beside the standard air compressor parts and equipment, we are capable to supply make to specification equipment. Depending on the customer's requirements and job needs, CSI can fabricate the equipment and ship directly to the job site fully assembled, or assemble in place at a specified location. We realize the importance of timely new product introductions in a rapidly changing marketplace. CSI adopted flexibilities working directly with an organizations engineering, design team and various fabrication site to ensure that project timelines are met client delivery schedule.

Instrument and process air units tend to range in size from 37kW to 350 kW, with each output flow capacities anywhere between 200CFM to 1000CFM at 8 Bar to 14 Bar.

Compressor range as follows:


The size of the instrument and process air units range between 37kw to 350kw with individual output flow capacity between 200CFM to 10000CFM at 8Bar to 14 Bar.
Our Comprehensive range of compressor include:
 - Oil Free Screw Compressor
 - Oil Injected Screw Compressor


CSI-PL’S reciprocating startup air compressor units range from 2.2KW to 75KW.
Starting modes may be electric or diesel engine driven at the outlet flow between 6-300CFM.
Discharge pressure ranges from 10-30 bar each.
The startup air compressors could be skid mounted with the following options available:

  1. Built in star/delta starter
  2. Built in horizontal air receiver
  3. Oil lubricated or Oil free type


Our diesel engine driven compressors range between 55KW to 403KW with individual output flow capacity between 200CFM to 1600CFM at 6.9BAR to 13.8 BAR